Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Hey family, how has it been? We went to the temple this morning, that is why I am emailing today. It was awesome. But, here is a typically day: Wake up, try and work out (haha), studies: Personal, companionship, language, go out and work: Service, lessons, tract, have dinner (also lunch) work some more, and then bed. Last week we did a lot of walking because we didnt have enough miles to drive. We talk to some crazy people. One guy thought we were the men in black. That was funny. One guy told us that his address is "behind the high school in a tent down by the river". So that was fun. We have found a lot of people and they are so prepared. We have to help some people quit smoking, so that should be fun. Transfers are getting close. It has gone by so fast. My companion might leave, and I might train. We will be getting a ton of missionaries for this next transfer. It will be awesome. 
There is only one ward in Umatilla. And it is really small. But we had a good lesson on not judging people. On not getting mad at people for they way they are and not judging them cause they sin differently than us. And also being patient. It was a very good lesson for me cause I was getting impatient with some people, so I repented and started to strive better. The mission life isnt easy. There are a lot of people that can tic me off but I am getting better at it. Well, love you guys! P.S. we get fed everyday! Send me pictures too! Also sorry for the short email, it will be longer next week! Love ya! 

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