Monday, November 2, 2015

Hi family, how are you? I am doing great here in Pendleton. It is cold though. This week has been pretty good. We have been going around to a lot of less-actives and Part member families, and meeting them. There a lot of awesome people here. I love it. We had an awesome lesson with an investigator. He recently got into a car crash and got pretty banged up, and he went back to smoking and drinking. We went to his house with some members, and the member asked him a bunch of questions that got him thinking. I bore my testimony to him. The spirit was strong. And then the investigator threw away his marijuana and dumped out his alcohol. It was a really cool experience. Last night we had a dinner with a member family, and the dad's girlfriend was there. She is not a member. And so after dinner we taught the restoration. It was awesome, cause I could feel the spirit. She accepted to read the book of Mormon. It has been awesome to be here cause there hasn't been much work done. This is the first time in years that missionaries have been assigned to only the Pendleton 1st ward. I am so excited. The ward is excited that there are elders again. There hasn't been any elders for about 3 years now. My new companion is pretty cool. His parents divorced when he was very young. He has been out for 16 months. I have been out for about 13 months. It is kinda scary. we talked to a return missionary, and he said the second half goes by faster :( I love being a missionary. It is hard though too. So my mission call letter says that I will be speaking Spanish, but that the mission president can change it according to the missions needs. It happens a lot in this mission, especially since there are not a lot of Spanish areas. I love speaking Spanish, but it is all good!

In our mission, we are advised to always start with the doctrine, or the scriptures, when we have meetings. Maybe that is something you can do, is find scriptures that apply to certain people. That is something that we are counseled to do. There is so much power in the scriptures, and using the words of the prophets. Right now I am reading in Helamen in the scriptures, and I am at the part where Nephi is just calling people to repentance. That is awesome, because that is what we as missionaries are doing. When we invite someone to do something, we are inviting them to repent. Yesterday at church, someone said that pretty much the whole book of Mormon is inviting us to repent. that was really cool, and I thought about that a little bit more, and I realized that it does! REPENT! I love it. I have to repent all the time. So, do you guys have any suggestions on good ways to study? I am kinda having a hard time finding a good way to keep a study journal. What works for you? That would be awesome, thanks!  For Halloween, we had to go in early, and we planned and then played foosball. We live in a room above the garage of a members home. And then downstairs below the garage, there is a big place for working out and foosball, and there is a basketball court. It is pretty cool.