Monday, May 16, 2016

Well.....this week was decent haha. We still haven't been able to hear from out investigator who dropped us, and our other one is super busy. So we had no investigator lessons. We had a lesson with our recent convert, Virginia. It was an awesome lesson! We talked about the Restoration and Priesthood. The Spirit was super strong. She really wants to go to the temple, which is so awesome to hear!!! We have been getting a lot of rejections by people this week. We stopped by one less-active family, and they did not want to see us. They were telling us how they don't want to come back to church, and how they just got the sister missionaries to stop coming by. I told them that we come by because we care about you, and she said "Well can you care a little less", and I have to say that officially pissed me off haha. So we left, and I damned them to hell. End of story haha. I was really mad about that though, and I felt the spirit leave. So I repented and the spirit came back and it was awesome to see repentance work! I love repentance. I love the atonement. A lot of people think, for some reason, that we believe we are saved by works. And I am like, well I am not gonna be saved then haha. It is only through Jesus Christ we are saved!!! We do works to show our love for him. We do it cause he COMMANDS us to do it. Anyways that is what I have been thinking about this week. I have to repent daily, as does everyone here! Trying to maintain a positive attitude is really hard, but doable. So that's what's up in Kennewick! Our Ward mission leader is on fire right now. He's got some good plans for the work here. It got me really pumped up. 

Sounds like good things are happening in Gilbert. Kendra is actually graduating haha. I knew she would. I hope you all have a great day! keep on working on patience haha. Unfortunately the Caskey's aren't too good at that one, but eventually we will get it down haha. Love you all, and thanks for the prayers! 

Con Amor, Elder Caskey