Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Well Hello! This week was pretty funny haha. So on saturday I went on exchanges to another area called Connell. It was really fun because in there area about 16 miles east, there is a little town called Kahlotus. It is super small and is basically a ghost town haha. Anyways, the best part was we knocked on this door and this super rude guy answered. So we tried talking with him and he kept saying we need to stop walking around and get a job and he looked at our shoes and was telling us to shine our shoes and he kept saying crap. So we asked him if he needed help with anything and he said "you got a thousand dollars?!" and we said no and he said "Then you cant help me" haha it was really funny, I got a kick out of it. Other than that, not much else. Made some good visits and will be having a lesson tonight with some future investigators. Also we get transfer calls today, so we will find out if I am staying or leaving. And the spanish depends on the day, sometimes it is good and sometimes its bad haha but that's life haha. Love you guys!