Wednesday, May 27, 2015

WOW. So many mission calls! That is so awesome to hear about these missions! New Zealand, wow. When does he leave? I am so excited for him! And for Koralyn and Shayne! I didn't know Koralyn was going on a mission. That's cool! 

Well, Oregon is super cool. It is starting to get hot here. I love it! It hit 93 degrees! I have missed the heat so much! The work is progressing so much here! We have found so many new people here! Yesterday was super awesome! And also this week we had a zone conference, and I was able to see Elder Smith again! That was super awesome, I love him so much! And I saw Elder Shugart, my MTC companion. And also I saw Elder Nelson, Kendra's friends brother. So that was super cool. My new companion is awesome! He is super cool, and is super obedient. He really does help me get up in the morning, and its awesome! I am happy here! Some does are rough, but it always gets better!

Thanks for your spiritual experience mom, that's really cool. Yesterday we had a lesson, and it was cool. Happiness creates success. I have truly seen that out here in the mission. When we are happy, and have the right attitude, we will have success. I love that so much. Yesterday was truly awesome. We talked with some people and shared the message of the restoration. It was awesome, and I felt the spirit. We have been counseled to teach the restoration right off the bat with everyone, so that they can feel the spirit. A lot of the times, we will give people a chance to say, "Oh no, I'm not interested " but we just rush to the restoration now, so they can feel the spirit. It is really cool, we have found a lot of people. 

So that's cool that we have more relatives out in this mission. So my area doesn't cover Irrigon or Stanfield, but we can refer the missionaries that cover that are to them, and have the missionaries out there. So we will do that. This zone is really on fire, so I have no doubt that they will feel the spirit and eventually be baptized. So that will be exciting! 

 I just want to bear my testimony about faith. I know that faith is so powerful. It is the first principle of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that when we have faith we can do so much. I want to challenge you guys to try and find ways to build up your faith, things that you don't already do. I promise you that your faith will be strengthened. And don't forget about endure to the end. Sometimes that principle is left out. SO ENDURE!  I love you guys, and thank you so much for all you do! BYE


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Hi family, how is it going! So real quick to answer your guys questions 1. I love every part of the mission 2. I have learned that faith is everything 3. yes, and I get way more out of them now 4. I am still working on my prayers 5. Umatilla is cool, there are 3 strip clubs here and it is really small, there are about 7000 people 6. Yes my companion loves the work.

This week has been good and bad at the same time. We went on exchanges on wednesday, and we were doing a church tour with a less-active member and her husband who was not a member. The spirit was really strong. Me and the other elder bore our testimonies and the spirit was super strong. One of the most strongest moments in my mission. It was a super awesome experience. And there have been a few days where we just dont have a good day. Sometimes no one answers their door, and we cant find anyone to teach. Sometimes I feel prompted to knock a door, and there is always someone who answers. It is a huge testimony builder. But one day this week, me and Elder Fraser got into a little tiff, and we were about to knock a door, and we just said we were sorry, and we hugged and prayed, and we were able to get the spirit back. It just shows the importance of having the spirit, cause without the spirit, we SHALL not teach.

Thanks dad for sharing your experience. That is really cool. I love to hear those kind of experiences. And as missionaries, we cant really give up if they say they are not interested. Cause I know that that has happened a few times, where they say that, and we just give them a card. But our mission president, and preach my gospel has us rush to the restoration. And to start to teach them right off the bat, cause we want them to feel that spirit, so that they will want to learn more. So I thought that was cool.

And mother, I dont think any of us will truly understand the atonement. It is so powerful, and so comforting. It is everything. and through the atonement we can be cleansed. And i know it can be hard to forgive someone, or let something go, but we have to do it. It is for the best.

ok, I love you guys, thanks for all you do! Also, if you can find a Halor:Reach videogame soundtrack disc, that would be awesome, I would love that. Thanks for all you do! Bye!

P.S. Sorry no pics this week, but next week yes!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

So, we got transfer calls and I am getting transferred to Umatilla, Oregon. I leave on Wednesday. I am going to miss Quincy.

So the lady we baptized her name is Robin, and she lived in Ephrata, and then moved to Quincy, and we got to teach her for about three weeks and then she got baptized. We taught the 15 step program to quitting smoking, and she quit! It was awesome.
So, we had a crazy experience last week. We were walking and we went into a house full of Mexicans and there were a ton of beers and cigarettes and a few of them were snorting Cocaine, and right in front of us! They offered some to us, and of course we said yes, jk no we said no. Elder Tanner started to teach the Restoration but they were all too drunk to listen. So we left, cause we had a dinner appointment with someone. But it was super scary, I was shaking and my armpits were really sweaty.

Thanks for that talk dad, I will make sure to read it. The world really needs the Book of Mormon. A lot of people don't understand it, and don't even give it a chance at all. I came across a scripture this week that was super awesome. Mosiah 5:5 Check it out, those people in there are a good example.

Tell everyone I love them, and Thanks for all they do! Also today we went on a hike and it was super cool! I will send pictures in a few minutes. Bye!

 The Fernandez- I am gonna miss them :(

 Hike we went on.