Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Hi family, how is it going! So real quick to answer your guys questions 1. I love every part of the mission 2. I have learned that faith is everything 3. yes, and I get way more out of them now 4. I am still working on my prayers 5. Umatilla is cool, there are 3 strip clubs here and it is really small, there are about 7000 people 6. Yes my companion loves the work.

This week has been good and bad at the same time. We went on exchanges on wednesday, and we were doing a church tour with a less-active member and her husband who was not a member. The spirit was really strong. Me and the other elder bore our testimonies and the spirit was super strong. One of the most strongest moments in my mission. It was a super awesome experience. And there have been a few days where we just dont have a good day. Sometimes no one answers their door, and we cant find anyone to teach. Sometimes I feel prompted to knock a door, and there is always someone who answers. It is a huge testimony builder. But one day this week, me and Elder Fraser got into a little tiff, and we were about to knock a door, and we just said we were sorry, and we hugged and prayed, and we were able to get the spirit back. It just shows the importance of having the spirit, cause without the spirit, we SHALL not teach.

Thanks dad for sharing your experience. That is really cool. I love to hear those kind of experiences. And as missionaries, we cant really give up if they say they are not interested. Cause I know that that has happened a few times, where they say that, and we just give them a card. But our mission president, and preach my gospel has us rush to the restoration. And to start to teach them right off the bat, cause we want them to feel that spirit, so that they will want to learn more. So I thought that was cool.

And mother, I dont think any of us will truly understand the atonement. It is so powerful, and so comforting. It is everything. and through the atonement we can be cleansed. And i know it can be hard to forgive someone, or let something go, but we have to do it. It is for the best.

ok, I love you guys, thanks for all you do! Also, if you can find a Halor:Reach videogame soundtrack disc, that would be awesome, I would love that. Thanks for all you do! Bye!

P.S. Sorry no pics this week, but next week yes!

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