Tuesday, May 5, 2015

So, we got transfer calls and I am getting transferred to Umatilla, Oregon. I leave on Wednesday. I am going to miss Quincy.

So the lady we baptized her name is Robin, and she lived in Ephrata, and then moved to Quincy, and we got to teach her for about three weeks and then she got baptized. We taught the 15 step program to quitting smoking, and she quit! It was awesome.
So, we had a crazy experience last week. We were walking and we went into a house full of Mexicans and there were a ton of beers and cigarettes and a few of them were snorting Cocaine, and right in front of us! They offered some to us, and of course we said yes, jk no we said no. Elder Tanner started to teach the Restoration but they were all too drunk to listen. So we left, cause we had a dinner appointment with someone. But it was super scary, I was shaking and my armpits were really sweaty.

Thanks for that talk dad, I will make sure to read it. The world really needs the Book of Mormon. A lot of people don't understand it, and don't even give it a chance at all. I came across a scripture this week that was super awesome. Mosiah 5:5 Check it out, those people in there are a good example.

Tell everyone I love them, and Thanks for all they do! Also today we went on a hike and it was super cool! I will send pictures in a few minutes. Bye!

 The Fernandez- I am gonna miss them :(

 Hike we went on.


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