Monday, April 27, 2015

Hello family! Everything is going alright! We dont find out if we are leaving an area until this saturday. And Jacob is not getting baptized. But we did have a baptism this week, my first one! It was awesome, the spirit was so strong! I got to confirm her a member of the Church and give her the holy ghost, and that was awesome! It was a really cool experience!

That is really sad to hear Justin is coming home. But he will be able to go out again. When you next see him, tell him I love him and keep putting forth faith!

We had some really good days, and some really crappy days. But it was the Lord humbling us and testing us. But overall the Mission is good. It is the best. Spanish is still a little hard, I am not yet fluet, but I hope to be. It is hard when you cover a spanish and english area. Cause you have to speak english. But I am excited to go to a new area hopefully.

I love you guys! Stay fresh!

 P.S. I had a really big apple here

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