Monday, April 20, 2015

Well, I have officially been on a mission for 6 months. Its kinds crazy. Transfers will be in 3 weeks, and most likely I will be transferred. So that will be fun. This last week was pretty good. We have been working on putting investigators on date for baptism. My distant cousin Jacob Nielson is really close to baptism. We have faith that he will have a date for May 2nd! So we are excited for that.
There are really nice and sunny days and then there are depressing gloomy cloudy days. I definitely miss seeing the sun 300 days out of the year. Conference was awesome, probably my favorite conference. I cant wait to read it. And I cant believe President Monson hardly spoke!

(Levi talking about a distant relative he is working with)

Hello family! My week was pretty good. When you are on family history you cant find people who are living, and I cant remember how we are related. And transfers are on May 6th. We are still working with him, but we have another baptism this saturday, so we are super excited for that. 

That is super exciting that Tyler is getting married. And tanner told me he is going on a mission, and I almost started to cry cause I was so happy! But things all happen for a reason. The Lord is always gonna test us! We just need to CPR. Church, Pray, and Read.

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