Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Well Hello! This week was pretty funny haha. So on saturday I went on exchanges to another area called Connell. It was really fun because in there area about 16 miles east, there is a little town called Kahlotus. It is super small and is basically a ghost town haha. Anyways, the best part was we knocked on this door and this super rude guy answered. So we tried talking with him and he kept saying we need to stop walking around and get a job and he looked at our shoes and was telling us to shine our shoes and he kept saying crap. So we asked him if he needed help with anything and he said "you got a thousand dollars?!" and we said no and he said "Then you cant help me" haha it was really funny, I got a kick out of it. Other than that, not much else. Made some good visits and will be having a lesson tonight with some future investigators. Also we get transfer calls today, so we will find out if I am staying or leaving. And the spanish depends on the day, sometimes it is good and sometimes its bad haha but that's life haha. Love you guys!


Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Well, this week nothing new is happening. We have to move out of our house for a week. That's about it. Lately the cows around town are mooing and moaning like crazy.

We taught a guy this week, and it was a really awesome lesson, I loved it so much! The Spirit was super strong.  He didnt come to church yesterday though cause it was his birthday (Silly excuse if you ask me). I found out today that the people I am living with, I am related to. If you go up the Stoker line we have a simliar relative. Me and Brother Stoker literally have the same blood haha. So that was cool to find out. We have been doing a lot of family history work lately. 

Anyways,  the mission is going good. I am being tested and tried every single day, and it is for my good. The Gospel is true! Love you

Monday, July 11, 2016

Well, first things first, I am super jealous you all went to the farm....and had a bonfire. When I was home we didn't do that for years!!! I swear, you guys do all the fun stuff when I am gone haha. Well, our investigator isn't progressing. He said he would come to church but he never did. And he wasn't home when we knocked on his door. We will see how it goes. We did have an awesome lesson on Sunday. A few weeks ago we went to a members home and shared a message and invited them to invite a former investigator family over for dinner and a lesson. Well, yesterday it finally worked out. And it was awesome! We talked a lot about prayer and how God answers prayers. Then we watched the Restoration DVD. I have watched that many times, and  I really felt the spirit super strong this time around. Afterwards the members bore some solid testimony. The spirit basically slapped the investigators in the face haha. It was just an awesome lesson. I hope to see some progression there! 

Well, I am not gonna lie, but Basin City is another one of those hard areas. Wait a second, each area is hard, so never mind. There is 2 wards here and a Spanish branch. I cover the 2nd ward and the Spanish that is in that ward boundary. It can be difficult at times.

We have to drive a ton. We will drive a long ways out, and then nobody is home, so we have to drive all the way somewhere else. We drive a stinkin corolla out here haha. Not the best car for these country roads if you ask me.

Right now in the ward we are going to members and giving a 15 minute lesson and inviting them to do missionary work. It is going good so far. Well....the time is getting closer. My companion keeps reminding me and so do the dang members haha. There are times where I think "Crap, only 11 more Sundays...." and then I get really nervous, cause I have start being an adult soon. Then every time I see a plane I get scared/nervous. But luckily it is not occupying my mind 24/7. My Spanish is also coming along. My companion is Samoan, so he is darker skinned, and he doesn't speak too much Spanish. All the Mexicans are like, "your the white guy and you speak way better Spanish than the Mexican" and then we have to tell them that he is not Mexican and it's a whole ordeal. And don't worry I am not prideful haha. I still have a lot to work on. Our new mission president is pretty awesome too. We went down to the mission home because my comp needed an interview, and afterwards he was talking to us, and he is so missionary minded and he is just a funny guy. Well, that's the news here in Basin City, Washington. I hope you all have a great day! I know that the Lord will give us certain trials to test us. And also cause he trusts us. Listen to Dieter F. Uchtdorfs talk last conference in the Saturday session. It's awesome. Con Amor! 

Elder Caskey  

Monday, June 20, 2016

Well this week was cold. It was supposed to be hot for crying out loud! But we found 2 new investigators this week. The lesson was awesome! The spirit was strong. They had met with missionaries before, but this time they will accept it!! So we are super excited. Our mission president leaves for home next tuesday. I am going to miss him a lot! He is a great man. President White will be coming on tuesday. I am interested to see how it is gonna go down. We might get ipads haha that will be fun haha. Other than that, we walked a lot this week. We walked through quite a few farms. That was cool.....I guess haha. The mission is going great though! I am adjusting to this small small small town haha. I hope you all have a great day!

2 Nephi 2:3-8

The sock is full of pennies I have collected throughout my whole mission. Then the one with the guy is a mission who served in Quincy when I was there. 

Friday, June 17, 2016

So I read a talk in the Ensign, and this guy said I shouldnt give any details of my mission.....So I am doing good and that's it. And I am still alive. My ankle is healing up a lot better, and the spirit and the work is awesome! haha, but there isnt' much to tell this week, so I will send some pics

 At the Temple
 The Other Companionship
 Cool Sunset
 Bum Ankle
 The Life
 Old Companion