Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Well, this week nothing new is happening. We have to move out of our house for a week. That's about it. Lately the cows around town are mooing and moaning like crazy.

We taught a guy this week, and it was a really awesome lesson, I loved it so much! The Spirit was super strong.  He didnt come to church yesterday though cause it was his birthday (Silly excuse if you ask me). I found out today that the people I am living with, I am related to. If you go up the Stoker line we have a simliar relative. Me and Brother Stoker literally have the same blood haha. So that was cool to find out. We have been doing a lot of family history work lately. 

Anyways,  the mission is going good. I am being tested and tried every single day, and it is for my good. The Gospel is true! Love you