Monday, June 29, 2015

Hello family! It is good to hear from you. Everything is going well. Last week was kinda rough, we didnt teach much and didnt find anyone new. But, the kid we just baptized, his brother is taking lessons now and he is going to get baptized too! So that is really cool. One of the families that we are teaching who is on date for baptism is moving! Bummer, cause they wont be in our are anymore.  Thanks for that experience you shared dad, that is awesome! I have had a few experiences like that, where I felt like I should knock on a door, and we find a new investigator. It is so cool. And yesterday, after church, we were driving and we drove by this guy who was pulling up tumble weeds and I felt like we should go help, so I turned around and we got our gloves and got to work. So the guy was pulling weeds for this old lady, and she came out and was so excited and so grateful that we were here helping. It was super cool. And we gave her our phone number and she will call us when she needs more service! So that was super cool. It helps put out a good name for the church.

As I have been out here, I have come to learn how important the sacrament is. It really does rejuvenate you. I love the feeling of starting a new week fresh and willing to change. It is very humbling. That is one thing I want to try and work on is being humble and not prideful. It can be hard , and it has been hard. But that is why we are on this earth. To learn, change, and do better. I am just so grateful for the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Without it, we are nothing, and there would be no point to this life. And so, I try to really think about what "always remember him" means. We always need to remember him. It is because of him, that we can have eternal life. HE LIVES! I love you guys, thanks for everything! P.S. I could read your letter dad, thanks! and I also got the package mom, thanks! And thanks for all of the support and love and forgiveness! I love you!! 

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