Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Well this week was ok. Nothing too exciting. We have some people to teach, but we get a lot of cancellations and one person dropped us, and she said she didn't want to meet with missionaries for a while. So that was kind of sad. We have only met her once, she was the English missionaries investigator so we really didn't get to know her. We have this one Spanish family that is the best! They want to be baptized, but the parents have to get married, so we will be working with them. We had a good lesson on the Word of Wisdom, and the dad had some problems with it. He said he is not addicted to drinking coffee or beer, but he has to have coffee every morning :) . We just said that the lord does not want us to partake of those things, and we bore testimony. We have another family who we are trying to figure out what is holding them back. They have been taught for a year, and know that baptism is the answer but they still wont get baptized. And so we had a lesson on what the holy ghost feels like. It was really good. We also have a girl that the English missionaries have been teaching who is on date for baptism but we haven't been able to contact her for a few days, so that has been sad. It is pretty fun out here, talking to people, crazy people. We went out to George, Washington and tracted and there are some weirdys out there. I'm not going to say its easy out here, cause its not. Its really hard. And it is really discouraging sometimes. But I know that the Lord is on our side. I love you guys, and keep being obedient to the Lord! 


Love Elder Caskey

Me and elder Tanner at the Temple

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