Friday, February 20, 2015

So, my new companions name is Elder Tanner from Minnesota. He speaks spanish but not as good as elder smith did. So we are both learning spanish at the same time. So the week when we changed companions was pretty crappy. We didnt get in with anyone, and we were just down. But, we decided to pray, and to ask heavenly father for help. And he gave us help! He helped us get in with people, and he helped us start off to a good week this week! It was a definate testimony builder on prayer, and the it actually works! So that was cool

 There isnt a lot of english work out here, so thats hard. We have a lot of finding to do. But it is gonna work out. We are hoping for some baptisms and we are trying our best to get them to happen. 
Last time with Elder Smith
Last time with the District

Still got time with these jokers

Some Crazy lady in Quincy

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