Monday, February 9, 2015

Transfer Week

Well, I am staying in Quincy for 6 more weeks, taking over the area. And the English elders are getting kicked out, and now I am taking over the English area too. So now I get more investigators. I am really sad to see my companion go, and the other two elders. We were all so close, and it is going to be sad to see them go. But, I will be able to stay with the ward and the branch for 6 more weeks.
That is pretty funny that you are talking with Sister Hodges and Elder Smiths mom. And its weird at the same time. Aunt Maureen wouldn't get in the picture with us unfortunately. But that's ok. We ate dinner and we shared a scripture with them. Moroni 10:3-5. I felt the spirit, and hopefully it impacted them.

We are getting really close to one of our investigators, and the mom will be baptized, no doubt, they just have a marriage problem to work out, but it will all work out in the end. All our investigators are awesome! These past two weeks have been awesome cause we have been able to get more members with us then ever. And we got 9 of our investigators to come to church! So it has been a good week.
Also, if you guys are going to send letters or something, make sure to only send it to the mission office, it makes everything so much easier. Cause if you send something during transfers, it can get screwed up.   Also, there is a possibility we are moving to Ramona Webley's, so that will be fun.
I have some pictures, but I will have to send the rest later, cause I have to get them from my Companion, but this one is from one of my investigators who is a die hard Seahawks fan!

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