Tuesday, March 17, 2015

From Last Week:

Hey, hows it going? I actually just got sick last week, but it only lasted for a day cause I went to Joey Hodges to get some essential oils and they destroyed the sickness, so I finally found a way to not be sick anymore, so dad, I suggest you get some essential oils cause they work! Anyways it has been pretty awesome up. Me and Elder Tanner are having a tough time since being together. It is just hard to have investigators keep commitments. We have one spanish family that is just so awesome, I love them so much! They came to Stake conference yesterday. Their names are Maria and Arturo Fernandez and there 4 kids. The second week I was here in Quincy the English Elders referred them to us, and so we went by and they said to come back another time, and we started to walk away and then they opened the door and said, "Wait, come back" so we taught them a lesson and now they are progressing. We have only one problem though, they have to get married. Ugh. Haha but that shouldnt be too hard, because they want to get married. And we just found a new investigator who is awesome, straight up from Tijuana. And he said he is going to investigate the church so he seems promising! Last saturday we had a zone meeting, and Bishop Webleys son breck is our new High Councilman over missionary work. And he gave a good training on becoming Evenly Yoked in the work. And he talked about the progress record that we present to the Ward Council and how it needs to be detailed. And by doing that we show how much we love and care about the investigators and how we want to have the Ward Actually help us out. Another thing I learned is to have the conversations at members home during dinner be spiritual throughout the whole time, so it brings the spirit and help get referals from the members. So mom and dad, when you have the missionaries over again, try not talk about worldly things but keep it spiritual. And I am almost done with the 4th missionary, so you can stop bugging me about it haha. But this week is going to be awesome! Me and elder tanner are going to work even harder than last week, and we are hoping for a baptism this weekend! Thanks so much! 

From This Week:

Well this week was ok. Nothing too exciting. We had a really awesome lesson with a few of our investigators. Me and Elder Tanner bore our testimonies too our investigators and it was really awesome! The spirit was super strong. Me and Elder Tanner planned out an awesome week this week. This is the last full week of the transfer. Transfers are on the 25th of this month. We are gonna try to visit Jeff and Maureen before the end of the transfer, cause I might be transferred but I dont know. 

So dad, youre a high priest? In the mission when someone wears different colored slacks than their suit jacket we call it "High Priesting it". Just thought I would let you know. And I guess I never really understood The Atonement before I came out here. I always thought it was only so we can be saved or something like that. But it is more. It can comfort us. It can lift us up. And it literally covers everything. But some people out here think all we have to do is say "I believe in Christ" and they are saved. But faith without works is dead. We have to do our part. Same applies with grace. We have to put forth our best effort and he will make up the rest. Thanks dad, your awesome!

So here is a quote that we got from Zone Conference last week, I really like it a lot.
"Every idea, the exercising of faith, anything that has any value that I know of, is created first of all spiritually in the mind of man and then later, because of his exceeding great faith, he brings it about temporally -- he literally causes it to happen." -Gene R. Cook

I think that we can literally apply this to anything. And this really applies to us as missionaries, as we plan out our week each week. We have to have great faith and hope, that those lessons will happen. One quick experience, we knocked on a door, and a little boy opened it and he was completely naked. And he didnt try to hide or anything. He didnt give a crap who saw him naked. So that was funny. Thanks for everything you do! I love you guys!

Elder Caskey

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