Tuesday, March 8, 2016

So this week, was a pretty good week. We had some lessons with the two progressing investigators, and we had some lessons with this one lady. It is pretty hard to find investigators here. The area has been tracted a million times. We do a lot of street contacting, so thats pretty fun. Those 2 investigators are being sent to the other ward though. They technically live in that ward, but their freinds/fellowshippers are all in the Ridgeview ward. But, I was there for all the lessons, and I can still go to the baptism. The little 11 year old girl asked me to baptize her! So that's exciting. I love seeing the progression and change in people. I have also seen it in myself!  But I have my new companion, Elder Woodhead, and he is tall and skinny just like me. Someone the other day asked us if we were brothers. That is the second time thats happened to me.

When it comes to teaching, it is getting better. We are trying to get away from just us talking the whole time when we teach. It's best to ask questions, and teach simply. That way they pay attention. This week we did service at a mentally handicapped place. It is pretty fun. We did yoga this week. I can't stretch haha.

The sun is starting to shine finally here in tri-cities. They call it Sunny tri-cities and windy tri-cities. And man it is windy. My shoes are holding up perfectly. They are great shoes. And my clothes are doing good! I remember when I first came out, me and my trainer took a picture and his white shirt is really faded and my is really white. Well, all my white shirts are faded. 

We had a great fast and testimony meeting yesterday. The theme was tender mercies of the Lord. I got to think of the tender mercies the Lord has given me. I thought about when I broke my head. Staying alive was a tender mercy from the Lord. But each and everyday the Lord will give us tender mercies. I am so grateful for that! Thanks for all that you do for me, and thanks for the letters. Love yall so much!!!

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