Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Hello family! This week was a pretty great week! We just went to the temple today, so that's why I didnt email on monday. And last saturday those two people got baptized! It was awesome. Elder Hickey came up and baptized the mom, and I got to baptize the girl. It was super awesome, the spirit was so strong at that baptism. And the mom has a temple recommend now. She is so excited to do baptisms. So now, we have to find new investigators haha. We found one yesterday, he is from india nad has been in america for about 2 years now. He loves the book of mormon and he wants to come to church! And he is the only investigator we have haha. So we are really working on finding this whole time now. Especially through the members. We have been sharing that #Hallelujah video and it has been doing amazing things! Our bishop handed out some cards to some people on his plan ride to work. It was such a cool story. But that was the highlights of this week! 

I love you guys lots! Have a great day! And tell Colton I  said congrats!!! Vamos a hablar espanol juntos!
Love Elder Caskey

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