Monday, February 8, 2016

Hi family, how are you doing? Sorry I didn't write much last week, we were busy the whole day. This week was pretty good. Kennewick is a pretty hard area. Tracting is the most ineffective finding activity in the whole world. Our two wards have been tracted so much. So we are trying out new finding ideas. Like one set of missionaries is putting on a lacrosse camp. We are gonna go to the seminary and eat lunch with the kids. And any ideas you guys have please do tell! We have 2 investigators who are progressing really well. They came to church for the 3rd time. They are so awesome. Tonight we are going to have a lesson and invite them to be baptized. And I heard that someone I taught in Pendleton, is getting baptized this Saturday! I was so excited to hear that. It is so cool to hear people getting baptized in old areas. There was one day this week where it was pretty rough. I was just mad the whole day cause there were so many things that just made me mad. But we went to dinner that night and the member family just cheered me up! It was awesome. The Lord truly can bless us so many ways. Earlier that day I was praying for help, and the Lord helped me. So, I know Nathan Smith, he was my zone leader in Hermiston. And there was an Elder Bethea in this mission, but I never knew him. So that is pretty cool haha. And there is no Richmond Washington mom. Its called Richland haha. But maybe I will be in richland, we will see. I have been so tired lately. After being out for 16 months, you get worn out haha :) I continue to learn great and awesome things. My companion was studying and he came across a quote from Neal A. Maxwell : "Don't let proximate problems undermine ultimate realities" . I will let you all chew on that one. So my companion is from Castalian Springs, Tennessee. He's got that southern accent haha.
So something we are trying to do is focus on the Doctrine of Jesus Christ. Faith in him, repentance, baptism, receiving the holy ghost, and enduring to the end. So you guys can study that too. Our purpose as missionaries is to invite people to do these things. It is pretty awesome if you think about it. And thanks dad for the talk, I will definitely read it. We all need to focus on Christ a little more. Thanks so much I love you guys! I will send you pictures!  Thanks I love you!

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