Monday, February 15, 2016

Hey family, how yall doing? My companion is from Tennessee and he always says yall, so now he's got me saying yall haha. Everything is going pretty good! Kennewick is still cold and windy and ugly. I do miss Spanish a lot, but we have an investigator who is Spanish speaking, so I get to speak with her once in awhile. That's pretty fun haha. The members are pretty cool here, we get fed every single day! I weighed 185 a few weeks ago but now I am back at 180. The work in this area is a lot different than most areas. Tracting is really ineffective. So we have a lot of work to do through the members. On Saturday we did a bunch of service. From 8 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon. It was a long day.  We had a lesson with our one investigator, and we started talking about the word of wisdom but then we started talking about other stuff. She has three things that she wants to give up. Anger, Guilt, and Saddness. She said that she gave the anger to Christ. It was so cool to hear that! She said she will get baptized when the rest have been taken away. So that was really cool. And guess what! I guy me and Elder Snow taught in Pendleton, just got baptized!!! We found him and taught him 3 lessons, and then handed him to the YSA missionaries, and he got baptized! I am so happy. He was so prepared and ready to get baptized. And I also heard that he visited the temple with the YSA peeps and he loved it! That made me so happy when I heard that. Exciting things!! yesterday, we got to watch a broadcast from Salt lake to this area. Elder Renlund talked to us. It was really cool. He talked about how we can respond to Gospel questions. We should start out by explaining the 1st vision and that God has called prophets to receive revelation. IT was super cool, you had to be there. And sister oscarson gave a really good talk as well. She had a really good quote: "If someone accused you of being Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you?" That quote just slapped me right in the face. So I will let all yall chew on that one haha. Tell Tag happy birthday!!!! And tell pman that yes I will ordain him to a deacon, that would be so awesome! Love you all, and have a great day!!!!!!

 Me and My Companion
 My Zone.

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