Monday, January 4, 2016

Hello everybody, it is so good to hear from you all again. This week was pretty good. It was one of the coldest weeks here in Pendleton and my whole life. My hands were so cold, that I couldt even write. And everyone always asks me if I am cold (Cause Im from AZ) and I always say yes haha. We did service at salvation army again, we went into the back lot and cleaned up a lot of trash and moved a bunch of carts full of donations. The people at salvation army are so nice. We had a lesson with two of our investigators and we brought a recent convert of about a year to the lesson. It was really cool, because those recent converts can really help investigators progress. The lesson was really good. The husband is working on sundays, so that is a bummer. We weren't able to visit with the stepson investigator family, because people were sick. So tonight we hopefully meet with them. That will be exciting. New years eve was pretty boring. We had to go in early, so we weekly planned and then worked out. Our church time changed from 1 to 9 am. So we have to wake up a little early for ward council and correlation. We talked with a lot of people this week. We didn't get any new investigators, which was a bummer, but this next week we will have a lot of time to find. We are supposed to be finding for 4-5 hours a day. That is a lot of hours. That can be hard sometimes. I always thought the mission would be easy, but I was dead wrong. It is more hard mentally than physically. So that's fun haha. This week I was reading in the Book of Mormon in Jacob chapter 4. And I guess in previous times I have read that chapter, I was not paying attention. This is one of my favorite chapters now, because it spoke to me, and the verses were so profound. It talks a little bit about the atonement, and I loved it! So I invite you to read Jacob chapter 4! It is amazing what things we don't notice in the scriptures the first time, and then the second time it sticks out! I learn new things each time I read the book of Mormon. And also, I have done a lot better with waking up on time ! And yes I journal my experiences.


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