Monday, January 12, 2015

We went to a ladys house to try and see if she was interested in the gospel. And she opens the door and there is like 10 people in a circle, sitting around a cross, with their bibles open. and they let us in. And then they were about to start their bible study, and they all stood up and started reciting a catholic prayer, and me and my comp are just like, "wat" and then thay finish their prayer and then they are talking and a lady starts to cry, and then we finally left and it was crazy. 

I just wanna say I love you guys, and its always good to have the spirit in the home. Out here, if "we dont have the spirit, we dont teach" The spirit is the only teacher. We are supposed to help it come in. But also the people need to have a open heart. And mom and dad, dont be afraid to share the gospel with Everyone, and i mean EVERYONE! We all need to have faith! And its one thing to believe with faith, and act in faith. So I encourage you to act in faith! We all need to act in faith! Love you guys!

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