Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Not much happened this week. It snowed pretty good, and I witnessed a car accident, and that was pretty crazy. We had dinner with one of our investigators, and they fed us goat. It was delicious! And the dad killed it a few weeks ago!

We have done a lot of walking in the snow, and we also had a snowball fight with the other elders at like 8:45 and that was fun. One of our families who is on date for baptism is now off date. They aren't married (and they have 4 kids). So that's a bummer, and they didn't come to church. And another family who is super close to baptism came to 2nd hour of church but left right before sacrament! We could've had 11 investigators at church!! So that was a bummer! But I know that if we persevere to the end, we can accomplish anything! And that is the 5th principal of the gospel, endure to the end! That is such an important aspect of the church! you cant give up on anything! I know that sticking through things you can be successful in anything! And we all need to stick through the church, and be continually progressing!

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