Monday, December 14, 2015

hello family, I am doing well. 1st off you have to do a Christmas photo this year!!! A new one!!!!! And then photoshop me in or something! haha. Thanks for the package, and the music, I  love it! This week was pretty good. We found two new investigators, and they are Golden. So it all first happened, three weeks ago. we were walking along this road, and someone drove by and then stopped, and he rolled down the window, and it was the YSA branch president, and he invited us over for the FHE at his house. So we got in and we went there to his house. And we are there, and one of the YSA branch presidents counselors, starts talking to us, and he told us that his step son texted him randomly and said that he wants to get baptized! And they live in our ward boundaries. So we just started teaching them this week! They are awesome. They said they are willing to do anything to get baptized! So that was really cool. We had our ward Christmas party and it was fun. We had two investigators come. Then last night, some members gave us Christmas presents, and that was cool. The work is picking up. We had a lot of meetings this week, so we weren't able to get out much and work. We started doing service at salvation army, and that is a lot of fun. The guy said he had been praying for some new volunteers, cause they were running short. So that was really cool.

I heard of Blake murphy, but I never knew him. Everything he says is so true. Don't get girlfriends berfore missions, practice 6:30 before, and read and do hard things. The mission is hard, especially mentally. But it is awesome to just come home, tired from a good days work. I love it. Sometimes we need to have a remotivation. I feel like the scriptures help me out with that. I love when you say "Work your butt off". In preach my gospel it says the key to missionary work is work! I really love that.

Well thanks, for everything. Please send a Christmas card, with a picture of you all. Thanks! I love you! 

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