Monday, August 3, 2015

Hello Family! All is well here in Umatilla. I have 6 more weeks here! I am super excited, the Lord has so much in store for us. We are really going to be working on all the things that distract us from our purpose, even the littlest smallest thing. And we are working on talking with everyone. That is a huge focus in the mission. As we talk with everyone, we find those who are prepared to hear the gospel. So I am super excited!!

Thanks for finally writing me mom! haha. Oregon is awesome. Our zone is on fire! This are is just so awesome. The members are super cool. We are just working on getting them out with us to lessons. And when the missionaries ask you to come out with them, please go! Nothing is more important than sharing the gospel! You can tell everyone that I am doing super awesome.  That is so cool to hear all the people going on missions! I am so excited! I heard that another kid from gilbert is coming to my mission, and I know him too. He is a year younger than me.  And man time is really flying by so quick. Next saturday is 10 months. I have almost been out a year!! That is too crazy. I am scared for that year mark. I really love the people here in Umatilla. The members are super awesome! There are countless people who are just the best. This area is so awesome.
The mission is going great though. Lots of cool people. So what is this mentor thing? I didnt know they have that. you will have to explain it to me. Nick Bingham is a super cool kid. He is funny. And I really am having a good time. I have learned a lot about the Doctrine of Christ. The Gospel of Jesus Christ IS the Doctrine. Faith is super important and is the starting point for everything. I encourage you guys to go and read Hebrews 11, it talks a lot about faith. But I know with all my heart that this church is true. I am super grateful to be able to grow up in this church. It is so wonderful. I know Jesus Christ is my saviour! I love you guys! Remember, Christ is the Reason! 

Love Elder Caskey

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