Wednesday, August 12, 2015

HI parents, how is it going? Good, good! Everything is on fire here in Umatilla! This past weekend has been so cool! We met some really cool people! On sunday we met this one lady and she said that she has always wanted to come to our church. She noticed how we are all so happy (Most of us). That was so cool. She also said that the people call her The Enchilada Lady. And she said she was gonna feed us. So we are super excited for her. The Lord is blessing us so much! It is amazing to see that when we talk with everyone, the Lord has at least One person prepared. That is something I have been struggling with. Fear of talking to people. It is a lot easier now, then ever! I have seen my faith increase so much! We are not teaching a ton of lessons but it is improving. We talk to a lot of hispanics here too. I am still working on my spanish. It is hard sometimes, but sometimes it is easy! We got offered beer like three times yesterday. It is funny how people mock us. It also makes me laugh when people slam the door in our face. But oh well. Right now we are working with a recent convert who is struggling. He doesnt know if he believes in God, and he said he wants to focus on school. But we are praying for him and trying to help him come closer. He didnt come to church the past two weeks. So that is a little sad. But everything else is good! That is so exciting to here that people are going on missions! They are the best! Anyway, not much else to say.

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