Monday, November 24, 2014

Levi is now in his mission in his first area.  What is amazing to me is how the Lord's hand is in what these missionaries do.  His first area - Quincy Washington.  This just so happens to be the little town my father in law grew up in.  There are a lot of family ties still in this area, like Sherry's uncle Jeff and his wife Maureen.  Amazing.  I never thought in a million years one of my kids would be serving in this little town.  We are feeling truly blessed today.

Now from Levi:

So you will never guess where I am right now. QUINCY, WASHINGTON! Yup, my first area is in the ole stomping ground of Tony Thompson. The town itself is pretty run down, and there is actually a lot of gang activity and a ton of Mexicans, so that means I get to speak spanish a ton! I have already met a guy who knows poppy, his name is Lyn Child. And a lot of people here know Jeff Thompson as well, so thats pretty cool. My companions name is Elder Smith, he has been out for about 9 months. He is a great guy. we have tracted almost every day so far. We got into a sort of "Bible Bash" with two guys, and that was pretty fun. We got to meet a tweaker, who lives in a motel, and he is cool, and he knows a lot about the bible. There is a ton of work for us to do in this little town. We are gonna help bring it back to life! 

I got to meet my president, and he is the best. He is the most loving kind guy you will ever meet. I love him to death. 
Me and elder smith live in an apartment, in a basement apartment. Its pretty nice, and it already started getting dirty in there, so we cleaned a ton today. But ya thats what it is like so far! Love you so much!

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