Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Arrival at the MTC

I made it to the MTC, and it is awesome! Although, last week was really hard. We had to teach an investigator for 40 minutes, all in Spanish! We pretty much read out of the PMG but in spanish. This week is a lot better, and I can already see growth in myself.

My spanish is coming back to me, from all those years in High School. I saw my friend from Highland, Dane Markham. We took spanish together Sophmore year.

I have felt the spirit so strongly here. More than I have ever felt. I love being able to be immersed in the gospel 24/7. And Im already getting used to wearing church clothes all day! My companions name is Elder Shugart, from Colorado. He is going to the same mission as me. I can already tell the things I learned from you and mom are helping me.

Love you!

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